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Chairman: Michael Smith                                                
Deputy Chair: Anthony Roberts Sr.                                                                         
Treasurer: Dean Williams                                                                                                            
Secretary:   Sean Tucker                                                                                                          
Craig Brown
Sheila Brown
Jocene Harmon
David Porter
Jay Smith
Desiree Spriggs

Jekon Edness - Ex Officio

Chief Executive Officer: Deborah Hunter
Duncan Barclay
Deborah Lambert
Carlnika Roser

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BSADAThe Bermuda Sport Anti Doping Authority has a responsibility for ensuring sports bodies in Bermuda are compliant with the World Anti Doping Code and the Illicit Policy through the implementation and managment of the Bermuda Government Policy Paper on Anti Doping.

We seek to meet the needs of all stakeholders in achieving a doping free and drug free sporting environment by providing education and information programmes; athlete testing; intelligence management and exclusive results management for anti doping rule violations.

It is important to note that BSADA now offers one programme -WADA Anti Doping Programme .





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Our Mission
To prevent, detect and deter the use of drugs and banned doping practices by delivering education and testing services to the Bermuda Sporting Community

A well educated drug free sporting community that inspires disciplined, honest and committed athletes.

Our Values
Realise our Potential
We will adopt a professional approach to all   business for and on behalf of BSADA. We will benchmark off and apply best practice standards to all our business.

We will be fully accountable to our funding bodies.  We will conduct our activities in accordance with the principle of transparency and accountability

Respect for Individuals
We will respect the diversity of all persons with whom we come into contact.  We will uphold the confidentiality of individuals throughout each activity and process.

Ethical Attitude
We will conduct our activities in accordance with the highest standards of ethical behaviour.
Contact information:

Mailing Info: P.O. Box HM 1841, Hamilton, Bermuda HM HX

Telephone: 441-232-6851
HotLine: 441-232-7232

General Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Communications Committee

Education Committee

Finance Committee

Governance / Risk Committee

Human Resources Committee

5. HistoryBack to top

The agency was established in January 1997 initially through a memorandum of understanding between the National Sports Governing Bodies (NSGB) and Sports Clubs adopting and implementing a national policy via the auspices of the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Recreation.  Fully funded almost entirely since inception by the Government through the former National Drug Commission in partnership with the Department for Youth, Sport & Recreation the agency was initially established with one part time administrator and sub contracted drug-testing services in 1998.

Initially, in 1999, every athlete who represented the country was required to be screened and thus began the first component of the Domestic programme for pre event testing that was introduced to the sporting community. The next phase which began in early 2000 was the introduction of the random component, where we tested 10% of the memberships of 32 sporting bodies. In 2006, with the reduction of the numbers of positive finds, the Board amended the policy to 5% of each of the sporting bodies for random testing.

Since 2003, with the introduction of the WADA 2003 Code, a strict emphasis was placed on the agency to increase the volume of performance enhancing screenings and to introduce mandatory education for elite and national athletes and athlete support personnel.  The BCDS signed the WADA Code in 2003 as a commitment to the Spirit of Sport. The Bermuda Government signed the Copenhagen Agreement in 2004 and shortly thereafter agreed to the UNESCO Agreement as a Dependent Territory of the United Kingdom.

Recently, the agency undertook a rebranding exercise given the change in name and the additional responsibilities that the Legislation will designate to the Agency.

The BSADA logo has an icon which represents a star.  This particular design has a number of meanings.

- The star is made up with solid coloured check marks along with a solid coloured circle at the bottom corner of each check mark.
- The check mark represents the all clear for an athlete or that everything checks out for them to carry on without incident.
- The solid circle along with the check mark together symbolizes a stylized representation of a person.  This along with the overlapping of each check mark refers to our community.  This represents the community working together for a common goal.  This common goal would see the success of the athlete.

Colours used in the star icon represent the green lush landscape of our island home.  Green also symbolizes prosperity which we hope will transfer into a large number of athletes with a large number of achievements in their sports career.


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The role of the Doping Control Team

The Doping Control Team assist the Doping Control Manager in the testing of athletes that represent Bermuda locally and internationally. There are four positions within the team, the Doping Control Officer, the Chaperone, the Witness and the Station Marshal.  All members are certified in their positions and can serve for a period of two years in this position.  The Doping Control Team are at the forefront of BSADA and play an important role in protecting the rights of the athletes to compete in dope-free sports.  The lead Doping Control Officer oversees site management during a sample collection session and will coordinate with the event organizer to ensure harmonization and compliance with sample collection protocol and procedures.  The information required to conduct a sample collection session may be formulated by Bermuda Sport Anti-Doping Authority, The National Sporting Governing Bodies or International Governing Body if contracted to carry out testing on their behalf at an event.

The Doping Control Officer (DCO) is responsible for all steps in the sample collection session and must ensure that all staff and athletes have followed the World Anti-Doping Code International Standards , Testing and Investigations Guidelines as it refers to sample collection protocols and procedures and the BSADA Illicit Drug Policy.

The Chaperone is responsible with the approaching the athlete and notifying the athlete of his/her selection for doping control and under what authority the sample collection is to be conducted.  When testing an athlete who is considered a minor or an athlete with a disability, consideration will be made for notifying a third party such as a coach or parent, when possible.

The Witness responsibility is of observing the athletes providing urine samples and must be the same gender as the athlete and must carry out the witnessing in a mature and responsible manner.

The Station Marshal must control entry to and exit from the Doping Control Station and ensure the Entry /Exit Log is completed and submitted to the Bermuda Sports Anti-Doping Authority (BSADA) with the doping control documentation.

If there are any irregularities where modification occur to the process it must be documented on the approximate forms because during the results management process, the DCO’s management of the sample collection session may be reviewed.  Therefore it is important that the procedures are completed correctly in order to avoid a result being overturned.

Doping Control Team Members are required to meet the minimum standards listed below:-

- Must be 21 years of age or older for a Station Marshal position and 25 years of age for the remaining positions
- Demonstrate ability to communicate effectively in the national language(s). It is also preferred that the DCO can communicate in English
- Demonstrate ability to follow instructions
- Demonstrate ability to work under demanding conditions
- Demonstrate ability to quickly and effectively solve problems
- Knowledge of the national and international sporting community
- Ability to stand and walk for extended distances
- Ability to act in a respectful and professional demeanor
- Ability to maintain confidential information
- Ability to demonstrate sensitivity to Athlete emotions
- Ability to meet schedule demands of required duties
- Preferably possess a valid driver’s license and vehicle
- Ability and interest to train other sample collection personnel on doping control procedures and educate Athletes on doping control procedures



7. Deborah Hunter - Chief Executive OfficerBack to top

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8. Carlnika Roser - Doping Control Manager Back to top

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9. Duncan Barclay - Results Compliance and Investigations Manager Back to top

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Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE) - .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

10. Deborah Lambert - Administrative OfficerBack to top

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12. BSADA PATI StatementBack to top

Please click on the link to open the PATI Statement BSADA_PATI_Statement.pdf

13. Anti-Doping in Sport Act 2011Back to top

Please click on the link to open the Anti-Doping in Sport Act 2011Anti-Doping_in_Sport_Act_20112.pdf

14. 2022 Annual ReportBack to top

Please click on the link to open BSADA_Annual_Report_2022_FINAL.pdf


Personal Information


SANCTION ANNOUNCEMENTArticle added on 01/24/2017

Bermuda Sport Anti-Doping Authority has issued a sanction for Javaughn Dill an athlete in the sport of bodybuilding as a direct result of testing positive for a prohibited substance.  He has received a four-year ban for presence of a prohibited substance (ADR2.1) as listed in the 2015 World Anti-Doping Code.

Bermuda Sport Anti-Doping Authority is responsible for all testing and results management process for sport in Bermuda including the Night of Champions.

Mr. Dill was selected for testing during the Night of Champions which took place on August 13, 2016.  The sample was collected under the direction of Bermuda Sport Anti-Doping Authority.

Mr. Dill tested positive for Methandienone metabolites an exogeneous Anabolic Agent in addition to Methylhexeanamine and Oxilofrine which are specified stimulants which are all listed on WADA’s Prohibited List.

In response to BSADA’s notification of the adverse analytical finding, Mr. Dill has waived his right to a hearing, acknowledged the anti-doping rule violation and accepted his sanction. His period of ineligibility commenced on September 14, 2016 and concludes on September 13, 2020. 

Mr. Dill is ineligible to represent Bermuda Body Building Federation or any other National Sports Governing Body in any international or national level event.  Bermuda Sport Anti-Doping Authority is dedicated to ensuring athletes are continually afforded the opportunity to compete in a clean environment.  The integrity of sport should never be compromised.

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